Frequently asked questions

About our search engines

REVERSE search a trip based on budget.

First introduce the budget for a flight + hotel, the city of departure and the dates. After that we will show you a map of destination proposals with prices in real time taht best suit your budget and preferences.

Choose the destination that you like and you will get all the results of flight and hotel available. The hotels that we search are located in the city center and are 4-star.

Depending on the budget and preferences it's possible that it's hard for us to search that better adapt to you. We recommend you to modify your budget so we can make a wider search. YOu can choose a cheaper hotel afterwards and the price will decrease.
With Combee you can book as many flights and hotels as you want. When you click "Search Combee" we will search all the services at once. We are working on adding more services such as tickets, trains, car hire...
Yes, the time is shown on the upper right side of the screen during the whole process. When the time is expired you will have to relaunch the search.
The prices in the results with plus and minus is the difference between the total price and another flight and hotel.
For any request or doubt you can contact us at +34 955 183 613 or send us an email to Our schedule is from Monday to Thursday 9.00 to 18.00 and Friday from 8.00 to 14.00.

About tickets and bookings

To modify or cancel your booking with ByTour you will have to contact us sending an email to We are working on creating a internal dashboard for managing the bookings, it will be ready soon.
No, changes are not allowed.
At the moment we don't have this functionality but we're working on it.
The booking reference will appear on the screen and we will send you the confirmation email.
Contact our csutomer service team at (+34) 955 183 613 to confirm your booking details. offers rates and availability in real time and the information is refreshed automatically. However errors may occur at the moment of ticket emission.
If you wish to check your flight, please use or and look for the flight number. will keep you inform in case there's a modification in your flight sending you an email or calling. We advise you to check your email 72 or 24h before your departure.
Send us an email to or call us at +34 955 183 613 telling us what kind of special service you require and our customer service will do their best.
In case of overbooking, the responsibility is exclusively the airline's. In no case it will be the responsiblity of the travel agency. The airline will have to take a direct solution with the passengers.
Right now we are working on creating a register system to check all the bookings. In this beta version you can call us at +34 955 183 613 or send an email to and we will give you all the information of your booking.
The rates displayed include all taxes unless the opposite is specified. The city taxes are not included.